Ikoni / Icon 2019

Kultapuutarha / Golden Garden 2019
A flattened beer can, broken porcelain, glittering blouse and other golden things and dried plants found in the forest, iron wire
Syys (yksityiskohta) / Autumn 2019
Grass, plants, water in plastic pockets, flower string

April / Huhtikuu 2019

Plants, branches of the birches, water in plastic pockets, wire and light

Ladyflower / Chanelikko 2018

Homeless Garden / Koditon puutarha 2017-2019

Rainy Day / Sateinen päivä 018

Raingarden / Sadepuutarha 2010

Problems with Carpe Diem 2007

January 2010 (advertisments in Finnish newspapers in January 2010)

Live Love Survive 2016

Spirituals 2016

Talviuni Hibernating 2017

Paper, plastic, balsa,

acryl inks, iron wire, led lights