Abi tanssii / A Dancing Young Man 2019, dried plants, aquarelle, transparent paper, 30cmx40cm

Vierailija / Visitor 2020, collage 30x40cm, dried plants, aquarelleand and transparent paper

Ikoni / Icon 2019 A broken wing mirror found in the forest and waterplants

Kultapuutarha / Golden Garden 2019
A flattened beer can, broken porcelain, glittering blouse and other golden things and dried plants found in the forest, iron wire

Syys (yksityiskohta) / Autumn 2019 Grass, plants, water in plastic pockets, flower string

Haltiahavainto / About City Elf 2019, A half-decomposed partyblouse found in the forest, dried flowers and waterplants

Ladyflower / Chanelikko 2018

Homeless Garden / Koditon puutarha 2017-2019, dried plants, a glove, wire

Rainy Day / Sateinen päivä 2019, dried plants, water pockets, branches and light

Talviuni Hibernating 2017 Paper, plastic, balsa, acryl inks, iron wire, led lights

Hengelliset / Spirituals 2016, satin, film and light, gallery space 350cm300cm

Raingarden / Sadepuutarha 2010, film, water and light, installation 200cmx300cm

January / Tammikuu 2010, advertisments in Finnish newspapers in January 2010, 100cmx80cm