Artist Statement

I find it difficult to separate my subjects from the echo of the stage that surrounds them. When drawing or painting I'm not stepping back from the world instead I'm trying to immerse myself deeper into it; to explore the mystery and the impact of life and experience on my subjects.
Through installation and sculpture I create simulations of nature while placing emphasis on embellishment so to create a seductive and fantasized versions of the world. I want my viewer to sense and feel that physical space has an intrinsic dimension to art


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Tilutei-blog and Tilutei in Fb: Children`s Culture 2016

Foreteller`s Garden / Tähdistä ennustajan puutarha (2016)

The viewer can walk through the garden. In different places of the path certain minimal "crystal balls" show different kinds of light. When I was a child there was a foreteller woman in the neighborhood. People asked her for help for their stressing problems or for advice for the future.